Sandy Petrocelli – The Importance Of Interpersonal Skills In Marketing

When it comes to the promotion and the marketing of your company’s goods and services, it is important for you and your team to have good interpersonal skills. Marketing implies interaction with the present and future customer. This means you should spend time and resources in investing in your team. Your marketing team should be good in communication and this involves listening and speaking too.

Sandy Petrocelli – The need for effective communication skills in marketing

Sandy Petrocelli is a student of marketing in the USA and he says that when it comes to marketing goods and services of a business, the targeted audience is no longer convinced with features. They need to know how the product or the service will benefit them. It is true that some products and services are new in the market and they may have a competitive edge because of the latest technology and features. However, due to credible information and the range of companies dealing with products and services in the same niche, you will find that customers tend to ask a lot of questions. When it comes to communication, both verbal and written communication skills should be good in your marketing team.


Listening too plays a vital role in interpersonal skills. There are many products and services available in the market in the same niche and industry. It is crucial for you to ensure that the unique selling proposition of your product or service is placed properly. Here, it is important for you to know what the customer is searching for. It is crucial for you to listen to him or her. Gone are the days when you could aggressively sell your product or service. Now, it is the other way-round! A good marketing professional will listen to the expectations and the needs of present and potential customers. He or she will match the benefits of the products sold to the customer.

Handling complaints

The marketing team must have a customer oriented attitude as many of them might be difficult to handle. If they have complaints, you should listen to them attentively and give them feasible solutions. Sandy Petrocelli says that if you are the head of a marketing team, it is crucial for you to tell your team that customer complaints against them are not personal, they are directed at the product or the service that you offer. It is important for you to keep a cool mind and answer the questions or the concerns accordingly. This will help you to invoke trust and confidence in the customer. This aspect and approach works very well especially when you are looking for customer retention and loyalty. Once your customer is loyal, he or she will keep on coming back to you over and over again!

Therefore, as a business owner, it is important for you to ensure that you and your team have effective communication skills when it comes to marketing goods and services. This helps you in a large way to connect with your targeted audience and promote the benefits of your product without hassles at all!

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