GP Vendors

GP Vendors

OpenEMR is in urgent need of funding for the Meaningful Use Stage III Certification. The unique practice management software brought to you by Meditab is designed to grow with your practice, and can accommodate the needs of virtually any specialty, ranging from neurology and pain management to cardiology and mental health Meditab makes it easy to stay compliant and up-to-date with medical regulations by updating automatically, so you can spend less time worrying about government mandates and more time focusing on providing your patients with care.Medical Practice Management Software

The product has been specifically designed to improve efficiencies with the medical practice, allowing the busy doctor to maintain quality electronic patient records, transfer information securely between agents (like results from pathology services), produce safe and legible prescriptions, and better manage preventative health care protocols for patients.

Building healthcare software is really hard – which seems like such a paradox, because surely ensuring highly trained individuals have half decent tools would be a huge goal for society – but almost all healthcare software is still frankly, terrible.

Open Practice Solutions – The Web-based practice management software offered by Open Practice Solutions features a customizable scheduling application, full insurance eligibility verification and a patient data-entry system that interfaces fluidly with most EHR systems and hospitals.

In this case, although it still amounts to a client-server solution, all responsibility for the cost and the maintenance of the remote server on which the medical practice management software is installed will be borne by a third-party service provider.